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America has a real passion for pizza. Since the first pizzeria opened here in New York City in 1903, pizza has grown to the most popular food in America. An incredible 93% OF AMERICANS gladly admit they eat pizza at least once a month.

Our passion for pizza is staggering. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) indicates that pizza sales represent almost $38 BILLION IN AMERICA — over $100 BILLION worldwide. Where is our love for pizza heading? The trending is actually very clear.

The research firm Technomic® in their most recent “Pizza Consumer Trend Report” found that 41% OF AMERICANS say they would be happy to pay for healthier ingredients including ORGANIC TOPPINGS AND CRUSTS, as well as all-natural LOCALLY SOURCED ingredients.

What makes it SKINNYPIZZA®? We have spent years creating a thin pizza crust that has great taste and complements any topping. At the same time, we have carefully crafted our entire menu for those that are health and environmentally conscious, as well as those that simply love great tasting pizza, pasta, salads and soups.

Our PIZZA CRUST is made with NO PRESERVATIVES or ADDITIVES. That alone is something that is incredibly rare, actually reserved to the top 1% of pizzerias. OUR PIZZA SAUCE is made with 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC tomatoes.

But the SKINNYPIZZA® concept does not end there. Along with the best tasting pizza you will ever eat, we have carefully developed our menu to complement our healthy approach to great Italian fast-casual dining.


Ideal SKINNPIZZA® franchise candidates should be like-minded, have a proven professional track record and the commitment to spend 100% of their focus on day-to-day restaurant operations. Alternatively, franchise owners may designate an approved OPERATING PRINCIPAL with QSR, fast-casual and/or general restaurant management experience.

The typical SKINNYPIZZA® requires a total initial investment of $367,000 to $691,000 all-in per location. You and your partners should have a minimum total liquidity (available capital) of $500,000 for each restaurant you wish to develop.

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We invite you to visit our NEW YORK CITY locations and experience the SKINNYPIZZA® revolution. From your first bite, you’ll know that you found the TIMELY and APPETIZING brand on which you can proudly build your future.

The SKINNYPIZZA® restaurant professionals evaluate locations on their individual merits. Locations vary in size from 600 – 2,500 SQUARE FEET and are placed within dense daytime populations close to central business districts, business parks, industrial parks, hospitals, entertainment centers and universities.

SKINNYPIZZA® has developed the ideal configuration for REGIONAL MALL, AIRPORT, ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, SPORTS VENUE and other HIGH FOOT-TRAFFIC environments.

SKINNYPIZZA® dine-in restaurants are ideal for STRIP PLAZA, MIXED-USE COMMERCIAL and DOWNTOWN AREAS. Strong visibility, easy ingress and egress access and ample parking are required along with a minimum of 25 FEET of frontage.

recipe for support

With a lifetime of restaurant operation, research and development experience to back us up, we have perfected the consistent “PURE GOODNESS” of SKINNYPIZZA®‘s unique recipes, ingredients, and procedures.

Once a site is selected, we fully support all local restaurant development with all of the SKINNYPIZZA® contemporary design elements. Our franchise owners receive ARCHITECTURAL and DESIGN ASSISTANCE, efficient kitchen layout, equipment and point-of-sale systems. We also provide local access to our established NATIONALLY SOURCED all natural, 100% organic, antibiotic-free and hormone-free menu ingredients.

To maintain day-to-day quality and consistency, new owners, and multiple key staff members, are provided a minimum of 2 WEEKS pre-opening training at our corporate headquarters as well as 2 WEEKS of hands-on training in their new restaurant.

Our comprehensive training program provides everything necessary to manage an efficient restaurant operation. Precise menu purchasing, production and procedures are presented to assure that your SKINNYPIZZA®‘s unique and HEALTHIER ITALIAN MENU is executed to perfection. Front of the house management is detailed to consistently present the absolute best experience to each and every SKINNYPIZZA® patron.

steps to ownership

We are very passionate about what we do, and we’re looking for LIKE-MINDED ENTREPRENEURS to share our vision. If you, or your partners, are a qualified foodservice or retail professionals, please follow the FIVE STEPS below to determine if you and your market of interest should be the next SKINNYPIZZA®:

  • Preliminary discussions
  • Submit an application
  • Enjoy our New York restaurants
  • Reserve your territory
  • Prepare to get SKINNY!

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